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Whenever you download a purchase from our site, our web store will save a single file to your computer’s Downloads folder. That single file is a “compressed” file called a ZIP folder. Since our products almost always contain a lot of embroidery files, a ZIP folder is an easy way to keep all the files together, and make the download go faster.

When you download a ZIP folder from our web store, the file name always starts with the product name, then it has some extra characters from the computers, and then the extension “.zip”

You want to open that ZIP folder, so you can use the files you need. How you do that varies slightly, depending on whether you have a Mac or a PC.

On a Mac — your computer automatically extracts the compressed files for you. Just open the “regular” folder, and you’re ready to move files!

On a PC — Find the ZIP folder in your computer’s Downloads folder.

You then have 2 options:

  • If you use a USB memory stick to transfer files to your machine — just double-click on the folder, and it will display the contents of the folder. It’s typically one or two PDF documents, and a folder that contains all the embroidery files. You can then print any instructions, and copy the embroidery files you need to your USB memory stick.
  • If you use software to transfer embroidery files to your machine — right-click on the folder icon, and select Extract all… The computer will save an uncompressed copy of the files in the same folder. Your software will be able to see the files and use them like normal.

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