Edge-to-Edge + Pro Announcement & Updates

Here are the basics of our PRO announcement, and a list of the products that now include PRO files. For full information about our plans, please watch the video below.

We think you are going to be thrilled with our announcement! The video provides details, but the key points are:

  • Use our Edge-to-Edge PRO techniques and files, even if your quilt doesn’t have a border.
    • Quilting won’t stitch off the edge of your quilt.
    • This makes quilting even faster and easier!
  • We will add PRO files to each Edge-to-Edge product, at no extra cost!
  • It takes some work to create the PRO files, so…
    • We will add PRO files to at least 1 Edge-to-Edge product per month.
    • Use the survey link below to tell us which Expansion Packs are most important to you.
  • If you purchased Edge-to-Edge products that have CDs, don’t worry! Click this link.
  • Going forward, PRO Packs
    • Will mostly deliver borders and cornerstones.
    • Provide even more value to the 200+ quilting designs in our Edge-to-Edge library.

Survey — we want to prioritize PRO files for the Expansion Packs that are most important to you. So, please use the survey at this link to tell us which ones you want first!

If you have questions, please see the Edge-to-Edge PRO section of our Help / FAQ page.

Products that now include PRO files — if you have already purchased any of these products, just sign in to your account, go to the Downloads section of the page, and re-download the files. The ZIP folder will now include a folder with PRO files!

  • Edge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine book
  • Expansion Pack 1-11
  • Expansion Pack 13
  • Jumbo Pack 01
  • Valor Pack