Amélie Scott Designs
Welcome to Amélie Scott Designs!

Watch for Periwinkles in Bloom on TV!  
One of our latest designs,Periwinkles in Bloom, is featured on Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting! Show times will vary by location, but check your local PBS affiliate -- it's a great show, and it features a great project incorporating a new take on heirloom quilting techniques.   .

Check our blog for hints and tips
We've updated our blog, and we think you'll be happy with the changes. We provide regular updates with instructions on basic and advanced quilting topics, info about the latest tools we've found, and other thoughts to make your sewing and quilting even better and more enjoyable.

Introducing Amélie Scott Designs
We are a family business that creates fun and fresh quilt patterns. Our patterns feature
interesting design elements, and introduce tools and techniques that are useful for any quilter. 

Designs in our patterns include 3D elements, applique, painting and other media, and our exclusive DigiQuilt concept. Our patterns are very well written, and include lots of illustrations, which makes it very easy for any quilter to learn how to create these elements.

We hope you enjoy using our designs to create your own fantastic quilts!

New patterns
Winter Mug Rugs -- four "in the hoop" embroidery projects

  Spring Mug Rugs -- four "in the hoop" embroidery projects

Irish Mug Rugs -- four "in the hoop" embroidery projects

Recent patterns...
            The Boardwalk                 Diamonds in the Strips

               Candy Dots 2            Stop & Smell the Tulips