Quilting technique products

Our Edge-to-Edge book is our best seller, but these products give you several ways to finish your quilts on your embroidery machine!

Edge-to-Edge products

Edge-to-Edge Book

Instructions for our
Easy-Connectâ„¢ technique, a baby quilt pattern, and 10 quilting designs.

Expansion Packs

10 additional designs per pack, with NO instructions (use them with the book).

Edge-to-Edge PRO

This book builds on the Easy-Connectâ„¢ technique from our first book, to let you add border quilting

Place Mats

A great way to start… same edge-to-edge technique, with files sized 5×7 inches.

E2E Design Index

A free catalog showing all of our Edge-to-Edge Quilting designs.

E2E Valor Pack

Free quilting designs inspired by logos for US armed forces.

Build-a-Quilt On Your Embroidery Machine

Create fully embellished and quilted blocks, then connect them to make 10 different projects.

Custom Quilting on Your embroidery Machine

Custom Quilting book

Start to finish projects including quilt tops, and custom quilting designs in multiple sizes, so you can use the designs with other projects.