Why does my computer put an Adobe Acrobat icon beside the embroidery files?

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The short answer: your computer is confused, but it’s ok.

The longer answer: unless you’ve purchased or downloaded specialized (and often very expensive — like $3,000) embroidery digitizing and editing software, your computer can’t figure out what program it should use to open the files. It then tries to make an educated guess, and it thinks that Adobe Acrobat will be able to open the files. And, as you’ve figured out by now… that’s a valiant effort on the part of your computer, but wrong. See? You’re smarter than your computer!

The good news is that nothing bad has happened to the embroidery files. And even though your computer is confused about what to do with the embroidery files, your embroidery machine absolutely DOES know how to use them!

Once you copy the files you want to a USB memory stick and load them in your embroidery machine, you will be all set. So, bottom line: you should only use your computer to store embroidery files, and to move them to a USB memory stick.

If you need help with moving files to a USB memory stick, I have a video on the Amelie Scott YouTube Channel that can help. Use this link to view it.

The next thing you might wonder is “how do I get rid of these Adobe Acrobat icons?” That’s a good question, but there’s not an easy answer to that. You would need to associate the files with a different program, and again, unless you want to purchase or download reasonably complicated software that you don’t really plan to use, you don’t really have a good program to select. I suggest that you ignore the icons, and know that your files are ok.

Whew! That was a longer answer than I expected… I hope it helps!

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