What are C2S files?

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The C2S files delivered with our Edge-to-Edge PRO products (and soon, all Edge-to-Edge products) are fully resizable, using the Embroidery Tool Shed software and technique described in our book, Edge-to-Edge PRO.

Normally, machine format files can only be resized by 10% before there are issues with the stitch quality. And, while some machines and software can recalculate stitches, they all have two problems:

  • the recalculation is inconsistent (straight lines and curves are handled differently)
  • the stitch length ALWAYS changes. For us, this the biggest issue, as Christine’s 2.0 and 2.5mm stitches change to 3.2mm or larger. 

Our Edge-to-Edge PRO book solves this problem by delivering C2S format files that are the native format for the Embroidery Tool Shed software. So, when you resize a C2S file, the stitch length remains at 2.5mm, and the stitch recalculation is consistent. You can then save the resized file to your machine’s file format. 

With these files and the techniques described in our Edge-to-Edge PRO book, you can now do two things you’ve never been able to do before: 

  1. Stitch body quilting in the body of the quilt, and separate designs in the border, all while preserving perfect stitch quality and sizing.
  2. Resize body quilting sizes so that the quilting fits perfectly within the quilt top, even if you don’t have borders or don’t care to stitch a separate design in the borders. This reduces the amount of time it takes to quilt a quilt, and simplifies the stitching near the edges of the quilt top.

Best of all, we make the resizing very easy. The Embroidery Tool Shed software is very simple to use, the Edge-to-Edge PRO book provides great instructions, and we provide a tutorial video on using Embroidery Tool Shed. 

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