Why is there no CD with my book?

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Regarding CDs in general — We recently stopped producing CDs, and shifted to using serial numbers and downloads to deliver files to our customers. There are three reasons for this: 

  1. Our disk duplicators were breaking down from age and use. 
  2. All industries that involve computers at all are moving in the direction of downloads.
  3. Many of our customers told us that their computers no longer have CD drives. 

Regarding your book — we had a problem with timing. Our last functioning disk duplicator “gave up the ghost” shortly after we received a new shipment of books from our printer. That forced us to move immediately to serial numbers and downloads, but, of course, those books all said “CD” on the front cover. We didn’t want to throw away several thousand dollars worth of books, so we put the sticker with information on how to download files to your computer on the back page of the book. We had hoped that our customers would forgive us for the confusion. 

So… sorry about the confusion! Please forgive us.


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