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Now, you can teach Christine’s Edge-to-Edge PRO technique, using her materials!

Amelie Scott Designs believes that local quilt stores are critical to quilters,
so we always try to help you.

Our Edge-to-Edge PRO book builds on our original Edge-to-Edge book. The
PRO book describes another revolutionary quilting technique that lets
customers stitch edge-to-edge quilting in the body of a quilt, and stitch
different quilting designs in the border.

In the class, students will create a simple table topper. They will then quilt
the body and borders using the designs and techniques from the Edge-to-
Edge PRO book, which must be purchased for class.

Teacher’s Kit Contents

This Kit will help you teach the technique. It includes:

  • A student supply list (which you can also use to make kits).
  • Student instructions for making a simple table topper.
  • General teacher notes.
  • A link to 14 video demonstrations.
  • One for each major step in the technique.
    • Includes a lesson on how to use the Embroidery Tool Shed software
      that’s included with the PRO book.
    • Teacher notes for each video.

Teacher’s Kit Highlights

The class is great for your customers, and the kit is great for you:

  • Perfect for in-person and virtual classes.
  • Purchase once, USE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT.
  • Most stores should break even with the first class. All other classes will be

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