Your files are on my USB stick, but my machine does not show them. Why?

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There are two main causes for this problem: USB stick size, and hoop size.

Regarding USB memory sticks — Most embroidery machines require that you use a USB stick that has 2GB or less of storage. Most of the USB sticks you find in stores these days are much larger than 2GB, so check the size of your USB stick. When you put a “large” USB stick in an embroidery machine, you can get very odd results, anything from the machine not recognizing the designs, to the machine rebooting itself.

Regarding hoops — if you are able to load a design on a USB memory stick will work with your machine, but you don’t see the files listed on your embroidery machine when you select the USB stick, check the hoop size you have selected for your machine. If the dimensions of an embroidery design are substantially larger than the dimensions of the selected hoop (or the stitching field for your machine), then the machine will not display the file.

If you are working with our Edge-to-Edge quilting designs, remember that the files come in 3 dimensions. So, of the file you selected is too large for your hoop (most people tend to select the “large” files), try one of the smaller sizes.

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