Will edge-to-edge work with my machine?

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Well, that depends on two things: whether we support your file type, and whether your machine has a hoop large enough for our files. Supported file types are listed on the product pages and back covers of every one of our embroidery products, and the file sizes are listed there as well.

Here are the machine and file types. This information is on the back of our book, and on the product page for all of our designs, but we provide it here for convenience. Be aware that some machines support more than one file type:

  • Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina — PES files
  • Bernina, Melco — EXP files
  • Bernina — ART files (see question in Bernina section)
  • Husqvarna — HUS files
  • Husqvarna Viking Pfaff — VP3 files and VIP files (for older machines)
  • Janome — JEF files
  • Singer — can use any of these files (EXP is a good choice)
  • Tajima and many other machines — DST files (DST is somewhat of a “universal” file format – many machines can read)
  • Toyota – 10o files

Also for convenience, here are the sizes of the designs for the Edge-to-Edge Quilting book. Note that individual file sizes will vary a bit. The book and design information available with each expansion pack gives the specific size for each file. However, generally all files are no larger than the following:

  • Small — 5.6” x 9.9” (142 x 251 mm)
  • Medium — 6.7” x 11.7” (170 x 297 mm)
  • Large — 7.8” x 13.8” (198 x 351 mm)

As long as your stitch field (or hoop) is at least slightly larger than one of those sizes, you can use our quilting designs.


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