Will edge-to-edge work with a 5×7″ hoop?

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Yes and no…

The bad news — for the designs in our book, Edge-to-Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine, I’m afraid not.  There are a few reasons for this. First, we would need to completely rework every design for a 5×7 hoop, since it is not proportional to the other designs. Second, the smaller hoop size would make the quilting much more dense than it is with other hoop sizes. And third, with a smaller hoop, you would need to re-hoop the quilt many times to complete the quilting, and we are concerned that many customers would be unhappy with the results and process.

The good news — we have a few other products that provide quilting designs in a 5×7 size that you can use for quilting small projects:

  • Celebrate Machine Embroidery — this book contains 12 different projects, all of which are designed to be stitched out in a 5×7 hoop. Included are 3 edge-to-edge quilting designs that are perfect for place mats and other small projects.
  • Seasonal Swirl Place Mats — this pattern contains instructions and embroidery designs that help you turn a whole cloth into a set of 4 fully-quilted, seasonal themed place mats. The quilting designs can also be used on other projects.

These products are carried in quilt stores across the country, and are also available on our web store, so give them a try!


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