Can I get Jumbo pack files in EXP format?

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When we first created the Jumbo packs, we looked at the file size, and we thought that the Oversize files (8.5×13.5 inches) would be just a bit too big for the BERNINA Jumbo hoop. In reality, they just fit within the stitch field of the Jumbo hoop.

If you have a BERNINA machine and purchased a Jumbo pack to use the Large size files, send an email to with any proof of purchase, and we will add a download of the “new and improved” product to your account on this site. What is proof of purchase? A picture of your receipt, a sales record from Amazon, a picture of the CD or product cover… any of that will do.

One note: the Oversize files fill the BERNINA Jumbo hoop pretty completely. There is some room for positioning (to connect files), but not a lot. You may want to resize the files slightly, depending on how good you are with using a template and the PDC positioning technique explained in our Edge-to-Edge book. If you decide to resize the files, please see this note.


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