What is the difference between your quilting books?

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We have published 3 books, each with different quilting techniques.

Edge-to-Edge Quilting with Expansion Packs — these products explain a technique that allows you to stitch and connect quilting designs, so that it looks like your quilt has been quilted by a long-arm machine, using an “all over” (meander) quilting design.

People often want to know the difference between the book and the Expansion Packs, so here you go:

  • Edge-to-Edge book — contains instructions on the technique, a baby quilt pattern, and 10 quilting designs.
  • Expansion Packs — contain ONLY more designs, with no instructions. Expansion Packs are intended to be used with the book.

Build-a-Quilt — this book provides 11 projects that you create by stitching fully quilted blocks, then assembling the blocks. Unlike similar products on the market, our blocks, quilts, and projects are soft, and flowable, and work great for everyday use.

Custom Quilting — this book contains quilt tops, table runners, and special quilting designs you can use to get a custom look to the quilting, based on the block layout of the quilt. These designs come in multiple sizes, and can be used with multiple projects.


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