Why does column B stitch so high?

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You’ve found one small issue that occurs with just a few of our early designs. In just about 5 designs (a few in the book, and 1 or 2 in Expansion Pack 1), the start point for the File B design is slightly above the vertical center of the stitching field.

This issue is confusing if you try to align the top of the stitching (or the template) for File B with the top of the stitching for File A — the B designs will be 1/4” too high, or maybe more. We have 2 easy solutions for this, and I’ll start with the most important one first.

Solution 1 — don’t focus on the top of the design. Instead, please review page 11 of our Edge-to-Edge book, where we show how to connect designs. If you focus on the start and end points of the designs, and connect them using Christine’s technique, the stitching will connect as you expect. The top of the stitching for each column of File B will be slightly higher than the top of the stitching for the columns of File A, but, all that really means is that the stitching for the B columns will go up into the binding at the top of the quilt. Everywhere else, the stitching will just look like beautiful, edge-to-edge quilting.

Solution 2 — get our updated files. This issue only occurs on early versions of our files, which were delivered on CD. To receive a download of the updated files, please use this link to send us a picture of your CD, which will be an informal “proof of purchase.” Then, we’ll add a download to your account.

But, please remember, the first solution is the most important; focus on the start and end points of the design, not the top edge.


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