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When I teach, and particularly, when I teach anything that includes applique, people often ask “what kind of scissors are you using there?”

I have 2 favorite scissors for applique.

Havels 3.5″ double-curved embroidery — these small, sharp-pointed scissors are great for making precise cuts. Be aware that they come in 2 varieties: the 30040 have smaller finger openings, and the 50040 have larger finger openings. I prefer the ones with the large openings.

Famoré 6″ — these long-bladed scissors are perfect for long, reasonably straight and gently-curving cuts.

Your local quilt store can help you get either or both.

One related note: if you’re new to embroidery and quilting, PLEASE do not use normal paper / utility scissors for cutting fabric or trimming applique. You’ll get better results and enjoy the process more if you use the right tools, and the scissors listed here are not expensive.

I hope you find this helpful!

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