Will edge-to-edge work with my Janome MC 11000?

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The answer is a “qualified” yes… Our files will only fit on the Macro hoop. Be aware that this hoop is used with a multi-position function on the 11000, where you shift the position of the hoop for different parts of the design. If you’re going to use the multi-position function, you will need to use software from Janome to “split” our files. (We do not split the files.)

If you’re ok with the file splitting, then here are some other things to note. Our designs will work with a Janome 1100, although you must use either the small or medium size files. As a reminder, all of our quilting files come in three sizes — small, medium, and large — the sizes are listed on the back of the book, and the specific size of each file is listed in the section starting on page 15 (the dimensions vary slightly from file to file). If you have the Janome Macro hoop, then you have a 7.8″ x 11” stitching field. This hoop size will be more than large enough for the small files, which have a 5.6” x 9.9” maximum size.

If you want to “cover more ground” with each hooping, the medium files are close to the right size, with 6.7” x 11.7” being the maximum dimensions of any medium file. Obviously, the width is fine, but the length is just a little too long. Most machines will allow you to reduce the dimensions of a file somewhat. Our experience is that you can reduce one of our quilting files by about 10% and still have everything work ok.

For information regarding how to use the multi-position function of the Macro hoop, or how to reduce the dimensions of a file, consult your Janome documentation, or talk with a Janome expert at your local quilt store.


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