Will edge-to-edge work with a magnetic hoop?

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Absolutely! Magnetic hoops like the Snap Hoop Monster are great for edge-to-edge quilting using our techique. We plan to provide more information (and a video) soon, but following are the basics.

Use your standard hoop and templates for the first column of stitching. This ensures that you have the right spacing between the designs as you go down the quilt.

For every column after that, you can use your magnetic hoop. For the first design in a column, I would still pin a template in place, so that you can be sure that the design is more or less centered in the hoop. Check where the quilt falls in the hoop, relative to the rulers on the horizontal and vertical edges. If the quilt is not on an “easy” mark, shift the quilt by pulling on the quilt (or lifting a corner of the hoop and pulling), so that the start point of the design IS on a measurement mark that’s easy to find. Write down that location.

After you stitch each design, leave the hoop attached to the machine, lift the top part of the hoop, and just slide the quilt up so that you see the end point for the next design. Lay the top of the hoop back down, then pull the quilt so that the end point of the prior design is at the location (on the rulers) that you wrote down earlier.

Those are the basics!


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