I can see PES files on my USB stick, but not on my machine. Why?

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There are two possible reasons.

Dimensions of the file — check the size of your machine’s stitch field. If the dimensions of an embroidery design are substantially larger than the dimensions of the stitching field for your machine, then the machine will not display the file.

With our Edge-to-Edge products, we provide files in 3 sizes. Check what size you selected, and choose one of the smaller sizes. Our book and all Expansion Packs contain Design Overview information that includes the dimensions of the 3 different sizes of designs.

PES versions — It may be that our files use a more current version of PES than your machine. PES is the only embroidery file format that changes substantially between versions of the design software. So, if your machine is set to read PES version 4 files, it won’t be able to read PES version 7 files.

If you’re using our Edge-to-Edge products, early products provided PES v9 and PES v7 files. After that, all of our files are provided in PES v6 format. So, if your machine isn’t reading the PES V9 files, try the v7 files.

Otherwise, check in with your local dealer to have the firmware on your machine upgraded. For future reference… the current version is PES v10.


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