Amélie Scott Designs


DigiQuiltTM patterns -- If you don’t own a computerized quilting system, it’s ok! These unique and inventive patterns also use the DigiQuilt concept. If your local quilter uses a computerized quilting system, they can contact us to get the quilting designs that have been specifically made to complement these patterns:
  •     Prickly Pear
  •     Elegant Table Tops
  •     Beach Balls
  •     Akiane’s Bubbles
  •     Cotton Candy Dots
  •     Treetops
  •     Whirlygig
  •     Chain Reaction
  •     Santy Clause Wreaths
  •     It’s Your Turn Now
  •     Spinning Wheels
  •     A Rolling Stone
DigiQuiltTM designs are a new type of quilting project. Elements taken from and inspired by the quilt top are combined to create a custom, digital quilting design for use with long-arm or mid-arm computerized quilting systems. The end result: custom quilting that perfectly complements your quilt top!

Step Into Digital Quilting -- If you own a long-arm or mid-arm quilting system (like a Statler Stitcher, IntelliQuilter, or QBOT), this book provides both, patterns that will help you make great projects, and custom quilting designed specifically for the project. This new book provides a great selection of 12 projects with 20 digital quilting patterns. TheStep Into Digital Quilting gallery shows many of the projects from the book. 

DigiQuiltTM Combos --DigiQuilt combo's are like 
Step Into Digital Quilting, but smaller. These pattern bundles are single, start-to-finish projects that include piecing instructions and a CD with complementary digital quilting files that can be used on long-arm and mid-arm computerized quilting systems.
DigiQuilt combo's are available for these patterns: 
  •    Akiane’s Bubbles
  •    Chain Reaction
  •    Whirlygig
  •    A Rolling Stone
  •    Spinning Wheels
  •    It's Your Turn Now
The Multi-format CDs that come with Step Into Digital Quilting and all DigiQuilt Combos provide files for:
  • Compuquilter
  • Intelliquilter
  • Pro-Stitcher
  • QBOT
  • Statler Stitcher
  • Shirley Stitcher
  • Other brands of computerized quilting system